Jazz Ensembles

Jazz Ensembles 

SSU has several jazz ensembles offering a wide variety of performance opportunities on and off-campus. Students are also encouraged to compose or arrange for these groups:

SSU Jazz Orchestra

An 18-piece big band specializing in the finest classic and modern repertoire, directed by Doug Leibinger.

Contact: Doug Leibinger douglas.leibinger@sonoma.edu

Concert Jazz Ensembles

Small groups focusing on improvisation and building standard and contemporary repertoire, also directed by Doug Leibinger.

Contact: Doug Leibinger douglas.leibinger@sonoma.edu

Latin Jazz Ensemble 

An awareness of other musical languages gives perspective to the practice of jazz. This ensemble provides an introduction to various styles, rhythms and concepts found in music from the Caribbean, Brazil and Haiti, delivered with an improviser's sensibility.

Contact: Kendrick Freeman kendrickdrum@yahoo.com

Auditions for these groups take place at the beginning of each semester.

Follow the Jazz Audition Information  

The Music Department regards continuous experience in active music-making to be an essential part of college music study.

To provide this experience, the department offers a wide range of ensembles both vocal and instrumental.

• All music majors (performance, jazz studies, liberal arts, and music education) must declare a major performance medium (instrument or voice) upon entering their program of study.

• Every music major is required to be in one major performing ensemble during each semester of residence in which he or she plays his or her declared performance medium (instru- ment or voice). Students may be invited to play in additonal major ensembles.

• Students may substitute a minor ensemble for a major en- semble no more than twice.

Additional Ensemble for music students in all majors and concentrations:

Vocalists must participate in an instrumental ensemble (Brass Ensemble, Chamber Music, Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, Rock Collegium, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Concert Jazz Ensembles, Latin Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Orchestra) at least one semester.

Instrumentalists must participate in choral ensemble (Symphonic Chorus, Chamber Singers) at least one semester.

Specific ensemble requirements for students in the B.M. in Jazz Studies concentration:

The major ensembles for students in the jazz studies concentration are:

  • Concert Jazz Ensembles, MUS 391
  • Latin Jazz Ensemble, MUS 379
  • Jazz Orchestra (at least one semester), MUS 390

In addition, students in the jazz studies concentration must participate at least one semester in a classical instrumental ensemble:

  • Brass Ensemble
  • Chamber Music
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble
  • Concert Band