Bachelor of Music in Music Education (Pre-Certification) Instrumental Jazz Track

Jazz Combo playing on Schroeder stage
Trombone Soloist in front of Big Band with conductor, on Weill stage

The Music Education Jazz Track provides the skills necessary for teaching all music K-12 in public or private schools. Jazz Ed majors will learn to play and teach all instruments in the Percussion, Brass, Woodwind, and String Families as well as guitar, vocal, and general music in the classroom. The Jazz music ed track also includes numerous opportunities to explore other genres that have gained increasingly valuable application in the public school system, such as, Opera Theatre, Rock, Percussion, Vocal, and Music Tech Ensembles. 

In addition to the Applied Skills required of all Music Ed students, there are courses specific to the Music Education Jazz Track 

  • Jazz Improvisation II 

  • Jazz Improvisation II 

  • Instrumental Conducting 

  • Instrumental Methods and Repertoire 

To earn a single-subject teaching credential in the state of California, the candidate must a) hold a bachelor’s degree; b) demonstrate subject matter competence (either through completion of an Approved Subject Matter Program or by passing the CSET exam); c) complete a single subject credential/licensure program.

The SSU Bachelor of Music in Music Education (Pre-Certification) degree program is designated as an Approved Subject Matter Program by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Completion of the BM in Music Education (Pre-Certification) program prepares the student for entrance into the Single Subject Credential Program. The Single Subject Credential Program is a one-year licensure program offered by the School of Education.

Prerequisite courses for the Single Subject Credential Programs

    EDUC 417 School and Society 

   EDSS 418 Development in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood


For More information on the California Teacher Credential Program 

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