Symphony Orchestra Season Opener: American Indian Voices- Collaborative with DDAT

Three DDAT members in a row holding instruments

Combining jazz, funk and soul with their original southwestern feel, DDAT creates a unique sound that has been described as “funky,” “forward thinking,” and “outside the box.”

A multicultural musical group that draws from each member’s interests and cultural backgrounds, the hard-driving instrumental fire of award-winning trumpet player Delbert Anderson, the deep funk of drummer Nicholas Lucero, and the intellectually explorative and expanding groove of Mike McCluhan on bass. Named by NPR as one of the top 10 bands in the US, performances by DDAT are full of energy and excitement.

The Sonoma State Symphony Orchestra joins DDAT to perform the DDAT Suite.


The Delbert Anderson Trio: DDAT Suite
arranged by Fraklin Piland (b. 1990),
with additional music by Franklin Piland 

Franklin Piland: IKTOMI (world premiere)         

Delbert Anderson Trio Showcase 2021


Weill Hall
Date and Time Ticket Link
Saturday, September, 24, 2022, 7:30pm