Jewish Music Series

Jewish Music Series Band Veretski Pass

Days Of Awe: Veretski Pass with Shofar

Professor Brian S. Wilson will begin this concert with a Shofar demonstration in celebration of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.  

In addition, violinist Cookie Segelstein will play the traditional Kol Nidre melody which is used to usher in Yom Kippur. 

Veretski Pass has been a leading ensemble of the Klezmer Revival for almost two decades, with a repertoire ranging from the deeply traditional to the avant-garde. This concert will highlight their improvisatory skills with a potpourri of Ottoman and Carpathian suites utilizing pieces from their field and archival work. Veretski Pass' concert programs continue to surprise and delight audiences across the globe, with collages of styles that integrate Jewish melodies from Poland and Rumania with Hutzul wedding music from Ruthenia and haunting Rembetica aires from Smyrna, joined together with their own original compositions. Their CDs have repeatedly been on the 10-best recording lists of journalists since 2002. Their concerts are humorous and exciting with unexpected moments of powerful emotion.

Veretski Pass will be playing from most of the following suites, with some probable additions and subtractions, according to whim....

Tyachiver Suite
Wooden Robe 
Salt Trader
Tyachiver Sirba
Iasi Suite
Grass Widow
Tango under the influence
Tatarisher Longa
Poyln Suite
I Went Away
Beggar’s Hymn
Ghost Light
Black Grass Hora
Orphan Runaway
Sparrow Suite
So The Sparrows Will Come 
I Flow with Water Under The Ice
Ale in eynem
Twirling Dance
Gilgul Suite
The Master’s Song
Song of the Wanderer 
Tog un Nakht Hora
Shepetkover Nign
Idelsohn Suite
The Old Way
Kyiver Kozak (Cossack Dance)
Hutsul Kin
Khasene Suite
Zogekhts tsum tish (Wedding Table Homily)
Veksler’s Zhok (Veksler’s Escort Dance)
Freylekh’s far di vayber (Dance for the Wives)
Salodkin’s volekh (Salodkin’s Wallachian Dance) 
Moldovanka Suite
Veksler’s tsu der khupe (Veksler’s March to the Wedding Canopy)
Three Horses
Golda Malke in Moldavanka (Golda Malke in the Ukrainian Odessa District)
Druz-tants (Druze Dance)
Schroeder Hall in the Green Music Center
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Free, $5.00 parking fee applies
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Thursday, October, 3, 2019, 6:30pm