Jewish Music Series

The Jewish Music Series at Sonoma State is a presentation of the Department of Music and the Jewish Studies Program. Now in its fifth year, the series is widely acclaimed for its breadth, depth, and musical excellence as it poses the eternal question of “What makes music Jewish?”
The concerts, a component of the “Survey of Jewish Music” class, run about 90 minutes in length, are Free and open to the public, $5 parking fee applies.

For more information contact the Department of Music at 707-664-2324 or Jewish Studies Program Director Brian S. Wilson.

Past Jewish Music Series performers 


  • Sharon Bernstein
  • Scott Gerber
  • Heather Lkein
  • Jewlia Eisenberg
  • Jeanette Lewicki
  • Stephen Saxon
  • Anthony Russell
  • Sharon Goldman
  • Roslyn Barak
  • Richard Neil Kaplan
  • Jeremiah Lockwood
  • San Francisco Choral Artists

Chamber Musicians

  • The Bridge Players: Randy Weiss, violin; Michael Graham, cello; Marilyn Thompson, piano
  • Kristie Janczyk, piano
  • Roy Zajac, clarinet
  • Daniel Nebel, horn
  • Matthew Vincent, violin
  • Jill Brindel, cello
  • Jennifer Wilsey, percussion
  • Noam Lemish, piano and Amos Hoffman, oud/guitar 
  • Brian S. Wilson, conductor


  • Veretski Pass
  • The Big Galut(e)
  • Safra
  • Qadim Ensemble
  • Frank London, Glenn Hartman & Jake Marmer
  • Invisible Guy
  • The gonifs
  • Kugelplex
  • Rebbe Soul
  • Isle of Klezbos


The logo of the Jewish Music Series combines musical notation with Hebrew letters in a modern representation of "L' Chayim!" (To Life!). Concept and graphic design by Jerry Wilson.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

One of the paintings by artist Mayer Kirshcenblatt

Jewish Music Series Performance

Schroeder Hall at the Green Music Center

Sharon Bernstein - Yiddish Songs at an Exhibition. A multi-media performance of music and art

Featuring Sharon Bernstein (voice, piano) in a unique multi-media performance set to paintings by self-taught Toronto artist Mayer Kirshenblatt. Mr. Kirshenblatt’s vibrant portraits and stories of his home town Apt (Poland) before the Holocaust inspire a rich blend of traditional song and contemporary sound. Projected images of the paintings connected with the songs and readings of Mr. Kirshenblatt’s memories complete this experience that recreates the sights and sounds of a Jewish Polish town. Inspired by and developed in collaboration with the book...View Event Details

Thursday, September 19, 2019

This is a photo of Tsvey Brider (Two Brothers)

Jewish Music Series

Schroeder Hall in the Green Music Center

Tsvey Brider (Two Brothers)

Tsvey Brider (Anthony Mordechai Tzvi Russell and Dmitri Gaskin) is a Yiddish songwriting, arranging and performing duo formed in 2017 after winning the Concorso Internacional de Canciones en Idish (Der Idisher Idol) in Mexico City. They have gone on to be featured in Berlin's Radikale Jüdisches Kulturtage (Radical Jewish Culture Festival), tour across Poland and perform in culture and music festivals all over the United States and Europe.

Inspired by the work of an international group of twentieth-century Jewish writers and poets, Tsvey Brider is a musical exploration of contemporary life in...View Event Details

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Jewish Music Series Band Veretski Pass

Jewish Music Series

Schroeder Hall in the Green Music Center
Days Of Awe: Veretski Pass with Shofar

Professor Brian S. Wilson will begin this concert with a Shofar demonstration in celebration of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.

In addition, violinist Cookie Segelstein will play the traditional Kol Nidre melody which is used to usher in Yom Kippur.

Veretski Pass has been a leading ensemble of the Klezmer Revival for almost two decades, with a repertoire ranging from the deeply traditional to the avant-garde. This concert will highlight their improvisatory skills with a potpourri of Ottoman and Carpathian suites utilizing pieces from their field and archival work. Veretski...View Event Details

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Hasmik Harutyunyun photograph

Jewish Music Series

Schroeder Hall in the Green Music Center
Kitka & Hasmik Harutyunyan in Concert Gorani: Love Songs and Lullabies to Lost Homelands

Hasmik Harutyunyan is an Armenian folk singer. She is the leading member of the S hoghaken Folk Ensemble and directs the Hayrik Muradyan Traditional Song and Dance Children's Ensemble. The music of the Shoghaken Ensemble is featured on the soundtrack of the film Ararat. Harutyunyan's Armenian Lullabies was recognized by the New York Times as an outstanding world music CD in 2004. With Shoghaken Folk Ensemble, she has performed in Armenia, France (including a 2006 performance at the Théâtre de la Ville in...View Event Details

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Jewish Music Series

Schroeder Hall in the Green Music Center
An evening of Jewish art song with composers Dan Asia and Brian S. Wilson PROGRAM

Breath In A Ram’s Horn; Daniel Asia (1953- )

Piano Trio No. 2 in G Minor, opus 70, 1932; Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968)

Byron Songs 6 Songs from Lord Byron’s “Hebrew Melodies”; Brian S. Wilson (1962- )

Jenny Thuman,voice Kathleen Reynolds, flute Roy Zajac, clarinet Dian Zhang, violin Vicky Ehrlich, cello Marilyn Thompson, piano Brian S. Wilson, conductor

Breath in a Ram’s Horn is a song cycle of five poems. They range from the...View Event Details

Thursday, November 21, 2019

This is a classic photograph from the film The Golem

Jewish Music Series

Schroeder Hall in the Green Music Center

Sheldon Brown: The Golem live music with silent film The score for "The Golem: How He Came into the World" (1920) was written by Sheldon Brown, Alisa Rose, and Richard Marriott. The ensemble is a quintet of clarinet, violin, trombone (euphonium), contrabass, and piano. The score premiered at the Silent Movie Theater, Los Angeles on March 23, 2011 and was reprised for the Vallejo Silent Film Festival on May 4, 2018 at the Empress Theater, Vallejo.

" enormous palette of musical influences from which Club Foot, via its founder and creative director Richard Marriott, draws inspiration. These...View Event Details