New Music Video Project Featuring Dr. Lynne Morrow

Watch the latest project, Dr. Morrow was involved in
May 13, 2020

"'I Love You.' The most powerful phrase in the world. We call on 'I Love You' to lead us to Victory, Health & Strength over everything. 'I Love You.'"

WolfHawkJaguar ft. Santos Soul & Dr. Lynne Morrow "I Love You"


Our very own, Dr. Lynne Morrow, who is a member of family band, Prosperity Movement, recently took part in son-in-law, WolfHawkJaguar’s new music video “I Love You”.

It’s a love song to the world, especially Oakland, in this time of quarantine.

Director: WolfHawkJaguar
Producers: 393films & Cloud 99
Drone Pilot: Tywain Harris for Tdhaerialimaging
Editor: Luis Montoya