Symphonic Chorus and Concert Choir

They soared above the mighty orchestral forces assembled below and stole the show; San Francisco Classical Voice


The SSU Symphonic Chorus is is comprised of music majors, students from other majors, staff, faculty, and members of the community. Singers must pass an audition and experience and sight reading skills are required. Numbering between 60-80 singers, the Symphonic Chorus presents two-to-three major concerts each semester, performing large works such as the Mozart Requiem and Orff's Carmina Burana, as well as the annual Holiday Concert By Candlelight. The resident chorus of the Santa Rosa Symphony, the Symphonic Chorus performs with this prestigious music organization once a year, most recently in Rachmaninoff's The Bells in December 2016. Beginning with a special Sunrise Choral concert during the Green Music Center’s 2012 grand opening weekend, the Symphonic Chorus performs in Weill Hall and in Schroeder Hall at Sonoma State University. Symphonic Chorus rehearses on Monday evenings from 7:00-9:40 pm. 

Contact:  Dr. Jenny Bent, Director of Choral Activities


The SSU Concert Choir 

is the perfect choice for the singer who is experiencing choral music for the first time or has experience but would like to further develop his or her vocal technique and/or music reading skills. Repertoire is stylistically varied and carefully chosen to meet the current musical level of the ensemble. A simple audition is required, and the chorus rehearses MWF 12:00-12:50 pm.


Fall 2018 Concert Choir


Janelle Grace Balico
Haoma Bhadha
Camille Cintas
Madelyn Conner
Jessica Driver
Claudia Leon Torres
Anna Leach
Hailey Patrick
Samantha Philp
Anastasia Rodriguez


Alexandria Alonzo
Andrea Giles
Tenaya Jacobson
Shelby Lehman
Xinzhe Ning
Annie Grace Orr
Mallory Shaffar
Emma Webb


Matthew Adiao
Matthew Bowker
Andrew Cedeño
Anthony Macy
Austin Missner
Fred Rice
Henry Shaw
Austin West


Matt Bailey
Marcos Gutierrez
Christopher Capparelli
Joshua Lovell
Daniel Osborne
Logan O'Sullivan
Ron Perkins
Elliot Pickett
Savio Pisani
Avery Rosenthal


Fall 2018 Symphonic Chorus

Soprano I

Annie Kessler
Amanda Kreklau
Emma Lopez Sanders
Lindsey McLennan Burdick
Eleanor Nykamp
Abbi Samuels
Jennifer Silvera
Alison Snider
Ramona Witt

Soprano II

Nedra Crowe-Evers
Maria Dibs
Andrea Giles
Gabriella Gomez
Sky Hernandez-Simard
Michelle Jolly
Ellen Olah
Mary Tenwinkel
Terry Teplitz

Alto I

Stephanie Bangs
Kortney Cole
Maria Dibs
Caroline Flett
Marge Limbert
Ellen Meuse
Anna Rose Miller
Liz Park
Molly Roth

Alto II

Kendall Andrews
Glory Cheban
Carmen Cintas
Andrea Herold
Krisli Hyland
Rachel Levin
Paula Pavanis
Maya Thompson


Jack Adkins
Martin Contreras
Brendan Corr
Brendon McMullen
John Nykamp
August Perez
Tyler Smith
Ryan Toulouse
Dale Trowbridge
Max Vicas


Noah Evans
Caleb Forschen
Robert Givens
Mason Harper
Vincent Hoagland
Jim Roth
Pete Samhammer
Ron Stevens
David Taber
James Troup
Daniel Trott


Thank you all who auditioned!