New Music Sonoma: Stay On It

70's minimalist stripes
This uniquely celebratory concert will feature works by two American maverick composers Julius Eastman (1940-1990) and Moondog (aka Louis Hardin 1916-1999).  The music of both composers has undergone recent revivals as their enigmatic musical voices continue to sound as fresh and new as ever.
Combining elements of r & b, funk, rock, minimalism, aleatory, and free improvisation, two versions of Eastman’s Stay On It will be performed by a hybrid chamber group comprised of SSU faculty and guest performers featuring voices, trumpet, saxophones, electric guitar, harp, percussion, and piano. The group will also perform several of the Moondog’s enchanting madrigals: imaginative and layered instrumental and vocal rounds set against snaky percussion grooves.
Julius Eastman: Stay On It (longer version)
Selections from Moondog Madrigals
Be A Hobo
What’s the Most Exciting Thing
Down Is Up
I Love You
Nero’s Expedition 
You, the Vandal
My Tiny Butterfly
Julius Eastman: Stay On It (shorter version)
Orff/Kleetman: Street Song arr. by Dan Gianola-Norris
Performers include:
Lynne Morrow, conductor
Aja Gianola-Norris, voice/harp
Andrew Harrison, saxophone
Dan Gianola-Norris, trumpet
Eric Cabalo, electric guitar
Will Johnson, piano
Jennifer Wilsey, percussion
Thom Limbert, percussion
Schroeder Hall
Admission Fees
$12 Admission, Free Parking, SSU Students FREE
Date and Time Ticket Link
Thursday, April, 6, 2023, 7:30pm