SSU Jazz Orchestra featuring the world premiere of "I Can Dream: a Jazz Suite" by Alison Poteracke

Jazz ensemble performing on stage
Join the SSU Jazz Orchestra in Weill Hall for a night of socially-conscious music featuring the world premiere of SSU alumna Alison Poteracke's I Can Dream: a Jazz Suite, a multi-movement work featuring impressions of sorrow and hope in today's society.
"How often do we as people forget the impact we can have on each other? Each decision has a consequence, and that consequence leads to another, then another, then another until there’s a collision. An impact that, for better or worse, alters the perception of the world around us. Now the world feels that impact. The “I Can Dream Suite” is a conversation, a reminder of lives lost, lives taken, and the consequences of those losses. It is a call for peaceful, organized, intentional change that lifts not only our communities but our global society at large. The conversation doesn’t end when a case is concluded, when arrests are made, or when lives go on because then change will never happen. It is up to us, as individuals of a greater system, to talk and listen, to teach our children, to open our understanding and rise together." -Alison Poteracke

This concert will feature two faculty as soloists:

Ian Carey

Raffi Garabedian

AND will open with "The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife are Some Jive-Ass Slippers" by Charles Mingus, transcribed by student, Estella Zea. Mingus was also known for his activism through music.

Weill Hall
Admission Fees
$12 Admission, Free Parking, SSU Students FREE
Date and Time Ticket Link
Wednesday, December, 7, 2022, 7:30pm