Dr. Kim Mieder

Music Education Program Coordinator

Dr. Kim Mieder Conducting on Weill Hall Stage
GMC 2073

Dr. Mieder is the Coordinator of Music Education at SSU. She leads a seminar course for credential candidates in the field of music and supervises student teachers. She also teaches Music Education Instructional String, Brass, Percussion and Elementary Music Methods as well as lecture courses in American and Western European Music. Additionally, Dr. Mieder directs and conducts Noma Winds, an educational community outreach program for high school and middle school instrumentalists. SSU music education majors and pre-professionals enrolled in the California Teacher Credential Program are given opportunities to coach, and conduct.

Our Mission

“We are Music Educators creating a connection with Service Learning, Teacher Preparation, and
a Sustainable Musical Connection to the Community of Sonoma.”

Dr. Mieder is a five-time nominee of “Who’s Who in American Teachers.” A pianist, horn, trumpet player, wind-conductor, and researcher; she has served as director of bands, orchestra, and piano studies at the elementary, middle, and high school level in Hillsborough County Florida for 20 years. Her concert, jazz, orchestral ensembles, and marching bands have consistently received superior honors at district music performance assessments.
Dr. Mieder is a published author in both international research and state music journals and has co-authored several book chapters pertaining to the topic of adolescent self-regulation in music learning. She is an adjudicator and clinician for high school and middle school ensembles, offering her “Self-Regulated Learning Curriculum in the Full Ensemble Rehearsal,” to enhance adolescent self-efficacy, ensemble performance outcomes, music practice strategy use and meta-cognition. She received her degrees in Music Education from Florida State University (B.A.), and the University of South Florida (M.A.) and (PhD.) She is a member of and maintains affiliation with the National Association for Music Education, the California Music Educators Association, and Women Band Directors International