Yvonne Wormer

Collaborative Pianist

Yvonne wormer Headshot outside of Schroeder
Yvonne has been a collaborative pianist ever since her uncle commented that “she phrases like a singer” when at a family gathering early in her music studies. Though it took a few attempts, she eventually graduated from Cal State Hayward (now East Bay), and has gone on to accompany choirs, singers, and instrumentalists. She is particularly intuitive and this continues to be her strength. She loves the collaborative aspect of accompanying, and loves poetry and prose. The combination of text and music, and the wide variety of students and instructors makes her particularly well suited for her job as a staff accompanist at a university. 
Derailed for six years with a repetitive strain injury in 1996, she eventually recovered, and retrained, and went on to become the staff accompanist at Sonoma State University since 2003 where she has worked intimately in the voice department with many many teachers and students over the past twenty-plus years. She is currently also the rehearsal pianist for the Sonoma Bach choir, and the liturgical pianist at Congregation Shomrei Torah, a progressive reform synagogue in Sonoma county.