Dr. Mieder presents research at the Sonoma State Faculty & Graduate Research Symposium

May 2, 2022
Dr Mieder standing next to a poster board on a table in the student center ballroom

Dr. Kim Mieder presented her research on independent musicianship in the full ensemble in a poster session at the Sonoma State Faculty & Graduate Research Symposium last week.

Dr. Mieder’s work in Self-Regulated Learning and Practice Strategies has set a model for music educators to effectively engage music students in problem solving and self-preparation.

This study was conducted as a teaching project that involved an approach to music learning in the middle school full ensemble that shifted the focus of instruction from the teacher to the students. The goal of this work is to provide learner autonomy and opportunities to develop independent musicianship in the full ensemble rehearsal. This constructivist approach to teaching allows students to drive their own music learning through group collaboration, problem solving and music practice strategies, while the director serves as a mediator and facilitator. Examining how this has been applied successfully in collegiate education as well as high school and middle school ensembles will broaden and re-energize the music director’s approach to music learning curriculum and performance preparation.