Mark Inouye, Principal Trumpet with the SF Symphony gives masterclass at SSU

September 8, 2021
Piano accompanist to the left, trumpet instructor in the center and trumpet student on the right

On September 1st, San Francisco Symphony’s principal trumpet Mark Inouye (pictured center), gave a masterclass to students in SSU’s Instrumental Repertoire class. Trumpeters Emerson Kimble, Robert Springer, Vincent Elliot (pictured right), and Hikaru Hallberg performed solo trumpet repertoire in front of a live audience of fellow students, accompanied by professor Marilyn Thompson (pictured left).  Mr. Inouye delivered insightful coaching on all aspects of trumpet playing and musicianship.  

“It was a thrill and an honor to host trumpet legend Mark Inouye, who is not only one of the world’s top orchestral trumpeters, but is also a lively, engaging, and deeply perceptive teacher.  Every student who attended this event benefited from Mark’s unique expertise! It was a great start to the year, the first of many great master classes we have lined up.” -Daniel Gianola-Norris, Trumpet Instructor


trumpet instructor watches student trumpeter play from stage
(Marilyn Thompson left, Hikaru Hallberg center, Mark Inouye right)

Trumpet instructor on the left teaching student on the right with accompanist to the far right and a music stand in the middle
(Mark Inouye left, Emerson Kimble center, Marilyn Thompson right)