New Music Video Project Featuring Dr. Lynne Morrow

Watch the latest project, Dr. Morrow was involved in
May 13, 2020
I Love You Music Video by Wolfhawk Jaguar

"'I Love You.' The most powerful phrase in the world. We call on 'I Love You' to lead us to Victory, Health & Strength over everything. 'I Love You.'"

WolfHawkJaguar ft. Santos Soul & Dr. Lynne Morrow "I Love You"


Our very own, Dr. Lynne Morrow, who is a member of family band, Prosperity Movement, recently took part in son-in-law, WolfHawkJaguar’s new music video “I Love You”.

It’s a love song to the world, especially Oakland, in this time of quarantine.

Director: WolfHawkJaguar
Producers: 393films & Cloud 99
Drone Pilot: Tywain Harris for Tdhaerialimaging
Editor: Luis Montoya