Percussion Music Faculty releases third CD

August 9, 2021
Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh, Telepathy CD Cover
George Marsh playing percussion instruments with a blue sky background
Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh, Telepathy CD Cover
George Marsh playing percussion instruments with a blue sky background
Percussion faculty member, George Marsh, recently released his third duo CD with Denny Zeitlin, entitled "Telepathy" to great esteem.
You can read some of the reviews below!
“…Telepathy is a brilliant showcase of just how far Zeitlin and Marsh have come as a creative team… These guys have become so adept at reading each other’s minds, and so comfortable responding to each other’s spontaneous moves, that many of the tracks on Telepathy come across as preconceived tunes performed by a full band. Other tracks smack of more traditional free-improv conversations. All taken together, Zeitlin and Marsh collectively succeed at assembling wildly divergent sounds and rhythms into coherent working structures while allowing the music — their music — to emerge entirely on its own.”  Ed Enright, Feature review, July 2021 Down Beat Magazine
“…As the innovation of an electronic approach becomes more prominent in jazz, it is the veterans, Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh—with about a hundred and twenty years of professional musical experience between them—who are making the most interesting music in the field, pushing things further ahead with Telepathy: Duo Electro-Acoustic Improvisations. “ Dan McClenaghan, 
Pianist-electroacoustician Denny Zeitlin and drummer George Marsh have made some incredible music together for many years, so much so and so productively so that they have developed a Telepathy together. It is fittingly the title of their latest collaboration… It is music so improvisationally limber…and the continual open-form brilliance of Denny's adroit key realizations and George's swinging and inventive drumming, it just emits a kind of soul healing vividness… This one is no afterthought. It is essential. Nobody mixes up the synth and piano like Denny. And George is the perfect foil, a master drummer at the top of his game, totally attuned to what Denny is doing. Very recommended.”   Grego Applegate Edwards, 
”… Just as Denny and George communicate telepathically to create this music, you will have to go on an auditory journey of exploration to encounter it. 

Denny and George see physical reality as a lyrical narrative written in some hidden musical code that the human mind can decipher. In that sense, they are musical poets with a special intensity given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.

I had a ball listening to this recording because I allowed myself the freedom to explore it just as the musicians allowed themselves the freedom to make it.

Why not give yourself a daring adventure, too, by telepathically connecting with Denny and George. I guarantee you’ve never experienced anything like it.”  Steven Cerra, 

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