Professor of Music, Brian Wilson’s piece performed at Stones River Chamber Players Series

October 14, 2021
Brian Wilson cropped headshot in Weill Hall with Mickey Mouse tie

David Loucky, trombone, will perform Professor of Music, Brian Wilson’s The Avanti Feels Glued To The Road Even When Cruising At 100 mph Monday evening, October 18th at 8 p.m. Central Time as part of the Stones River Chamber Players series  The in-person concert in Murfreesboro, TN will also be live streamed. 

Winner of the International Trombone Association Composition Competition, the piece was first performed at the International Trombone Association Convention by David Loukie, trombone in 1998.  It is published the International Trombone Association Press Music.  The piece continues to be performed worldwide since it’s premiere. 

Professor Wilson says about his composition, "The idea for The Avanti Feels Glued To The Road Even When Cruising At 100 mph arose from a real life adventure I experienced in an Avanti sports car.  My trombonist friend Michael Williams had appeared and was a winning contestant on the television game show The Wheel of Fortune.  He solved the bonus puzzle ‘Grandfather Clock” and won a considerable amount of cash as well as the Avanti sports car.  Before the car had to be sold for pay the taxes on the cash winnings, I was treated to a thrilling ride at breakneck speed, at least 100 mph, with the top down, through the hills of the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania.  This car indeed does what the title of my piece says!  

The fast tempi and gliding like music near the end depict my journey.  Like most of my music there is reference to jazz idioms and Jewish liturgical music as well.  This piece is a sequel to my piece for solo flute called The XJS Feels Glued To The Road Even When Cruising At 100 mph.