Students Continue to Perform from Home

While campus may be closed, and classes are being held virtually, this has not stopped our music students from doing what they love.
April 14, 2020
Student playing guitar

The talented members of our department have continued to shine as they record themselves playing a variety of classic pieces, original works, and their own arrangements of different pieces. We are proud to share these with our community and that are fellow musicians are continuing their craft the best they can under these new circumstances.

Here we have featured student, Joey Banducci, performing a classical guitar piece. Enjoy and follow us on social media for more content!

Joey Banducci @guitarjoeyofficial
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This is the B section of the piece Natalia, Vals Venezolano No. 3 by Antonio Lauro. When I began to learn this piece, I figured that Natalia was a love interest of Sr. Lauro. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he had many, and the musical expression certainly fits. Most of the song is somewhat tragic, very argumentative, and overall unsettled yet still quite beautiful. This section however, is so very sweet, pure, and exciting. It reminds me the feeling of a kiss, a sweet embrace, and other stuff like that.
BUT! I very recently learned that Lauro’s daughter was named Natalia, so perhaps this piece was meant to reflect the broad range of frustration to joy in raising a child. I wouldn’t know. There’s always a chance he named little Natalia after someone though... #dailyguitarclipoftheday #guitar #classicalguitar #music #classicalmusic #venezolana #vals #classicalguitarist #shred #emajor #art #love #happiness #passion #chill #bored #fun @riffwars #riffwarsclassical @talented_musicians @rosiebennetguitar @guitarsaloninternational @classicalguitarmag @evantheguitarist @pickariff

Joey Banducci