Virtual Senior Recitals

Senior recitals may look a little different in the way our seniors are presenting their work, but they need the same support and we encourage everyone to stay informed and tune in to what our talented students are putting together.
April 15, 2020
Flyer for Madison Kaminsky's "Music to my Years" senior recital

Out of adversity comes growth and adaptation!

In the Department of Music, senior recitals stand out as the culmination of each students' years in the department as they develop and refine their work through their instruements, voices, compositions, etc. It represents their journey and is meant to come together in a large gathering planned and organized by each individual student as they craft their programs, their publicity, and even their after-parties. However, senior recitals/final projects are going to look a bit different. Of course, as we all work through these new trials that social distancing and self-isolating present, we are forced to approach these momentous occasions in a new way. 

Thankfully everyone in our department is doing their best to make the sure that the music and creative spriti is kept alive and that those who have worked so dilligently during their college years are being recognized.


We are so pleased to share that this week Madison Kaminsky who will be performing her senior recital LIVE from YouTube.

Tune in on SATURDAY, April 18th from 4:00–5:15pm

You can watch from any computer, tablet, or smart phone. The link is as posted on this image, or you can type in

We suggest tuning in 10-15 minutes prior to the official start of the program to ensure you are able to access the video.

For instructions on how to watch from your tv, read below:
You can access the YouTube app on your tv streaming devices (Apple TV, Amazon fire stick, ROKU, etc.)
1) In the YouTube app, search KAMINSKY PRODUCTIONS
3) Then select MUSIC TO MY YEARS

We hope you all will join us in support of our students who are learning how to adapt to this new form of performance!