Recital Poster Guidelines

  • Poster must be on letter sized paper 8.5 X 11 or legal sized paper 8.5 X 14 
  • At the top of the poster, the following words must appear: Sonoma State University, Department of Music
  • Include the name of performer, instrument or vocal designation, from the studio of (insert teacher name), and the heading Senior Recital (no smaller than 14 point)
  • Date of recital, including year (no smaller than 14 point)
  • Time of recital (no smaller than 14 point)
  • Place of recital (no smaller than 14 point)
  • At the bottom, include the text, “Presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Music Degree in (insert concentration).”
  • Submit a copy of the program to the music office for approval. 
  • Once approved, you may post one poster per bulletin board. Do not post on walls or glass doors.