Composition Competition

Announcing the 2022–23 Orchestral Composition Competition:

Invitation to the Dance
Featuring the Sonoma State University Symphony Orchestra Alexander Kahn, Director


‣  The competition is open to Sonoma State University students only. 

‣  Only unperformed, unpublished, and un-awarded compositions will be considered. 



‣  Entries must be submitted no later than December 5, 2022 at 5pm. 

‣  The winning composition will be announced no later than December 15, 2022. 

‣  Finished scores and parts of the winning composition must be submitted no later than January 15, 2023. Students may be requested to make revisions between December 15 and this due date.

‣  Composers of the winning composition should be prepared to attend all rehearsals of their composition, the schedule of which will be announced by the orchestra director. 

‣  The winning composition will open the SSU Symphony Orchestra concert on Sunday, February 26, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. in Weill Hall. 



‣  Compositions to be considered should be scored for a standard symphony orchestra (2222 4231 timp + 1 or 2 perc – str or smaller) and must not exceed 5 minutes in length. Auxiliary instruments or extensive percussion requirements are discouraged. Compositions not meeting these scoring criteria will not be considered.

‣  The piece will be premiered on our annual Family Concert, entitled Invitation to the Dance. The piece should be inspired by a favorite dance style of the composer and be accessible to young audiences. Composers are encouraged to dramatize the resumption of concert life as they see fit (having musicians enter the stage one at a time, etc.). The piece must be accompanied by a program note.

‣  The piece should be of minimal difficulty, requiring little rehearsal time for a young university orchestra.

‣  The score and parts must be complete, legible, and professional quality, adhering to the Major Orchestra Librarians’ Association music preparation guidelines



‣  Anonymous copies of the score should be submitted via email. The composer’s name or any reference to the composer must NOT appear on the scores. Non-anonymous entries will be disqualified. 
Midi files are welcome but not required.

‣  Composers should also include a separate sheet with their name, contact information, a brief biography, and program notes for their composition. 

‣  All materials should be sent to: Thom Limbert, Ph.D. (



Cameron Kaiser, Moritura Terra (2017)

AJ Gonzales, La osa y la amopola (2019)

Thomas Gosnell, home (2020)

Michael Garrett, A Walk Home (2020)