Bachelor of Arts in Music, Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Music concentration provides a broad basis from which a student may pursue graduate studies or a variety of careers. The concentration is a combination of work in theory, musicianship, historical surveys and seminars and a variety of performance options.  It is ideal for the student who is considering graduate work in music or for one who simply wants a strong foundation in the materials of music. The Bachelor of Arts in Music, Liberal Arts Concentration allows true breadth in the degree, the opportunity to pursue a minor or second major and align to the philosophy and description of the B.A. in Music, Liberal Arts as set forth by National Association of Schools of Music. 

Bachelor of Arts Liberal Arts Music
Degree Requirements    Units
General Education (50 units, 12 in major)  38
Major Requirements      54
Preparatory and or/general electives 7
University Electives*    21
Total units needed for graduation   120

*Students may include 8-10 units of music coursework, both performance and non-performance (Private Instruction, Repertory Class, additional ensembles, etc.) from the 21 units of university electives.   

Advising Checklist

Music Theory Program Director, Jewish Studies Program Director
Dr. Brian Wilson
Musicology and Musicianship Programs
Dr. John Palmer