Private Lessons

Private Lessons

All Music majors will take Studio Instruction in their performance medium. It is department policy that Music majors are required to study their major performance medium (instrument or voice) with an SSU faculty member. The department funds 60–minute lessons for B.M. students (Applied Music, MUS 147 and 447) and 45–minute lessons for B.A. music students (Private Instruction, MUS 133/443-143/443).

Practice Expectations for Private Lessons

  • 3 hours daily for BM in Performance
  • 2 hours daily for BM in Music Ed (Pre-Certification)
  • 1.5 hours daily for BA students

This may include rehearsals at the discretion of the instructor.

Grading Criteria

Jury = 25% of Private Lesson Grade
The other 75% clearly spelled at the discretion of the individual instructor (attendance, preparation, practice etc.)

Scales for Classical Instrumentalists

Every semester during the first four semesters students should prepare at least 3 major and 3 minor scales (all 3 forms), so that the total of all 24 scales and arpeggios have been mastered by the end of the sophomore year.  

  •          Individual instructors determine the manner in which they are prepared.
  •          Individual instructors determine which scales are the best order for their instrument. 
  •          20% of the Jury will be performance of 1 major and 1 minor of these scales each semester. 

Four-Year Curriculum of Lesson Repertoire
Suggested repertoire includes year by year