Senior Projects

MUS 490 Senior Project

The Senior Project is a cornerstone experience required in the BA Liberal Arts, BM Jazz Studies, and BM Composition degree programs.

The range of possible projects is fairly broad. Individual or group projects involving research, performance, analysis, theory, and other possibilities that bring together unique skills and proficiencies developed by the student may be considered.

Because of the unique nature of each project, your Program Director and/or Advisor will communicate the appropriate procedure for evaluation.


Senior Project First Steps

  • Register for MUS 490 Senior Project, 2 units
  • Consult your Program Director and Advisor before deciding on the scope of the senior project.
  • Complete the Senior Projects Description Form and submit it to your Program Director and Advisor.
  • If the Senior Project is a recital performance, the student must also complete the Recital Request Form (complete only if your project is a recital). The Recital Request Form is due the last Friday in October.