Advising for Freshmen

  • Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Music Education Pre-Certification (Choral, Instrumental, Jazz)

  • Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Performance

  • Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Jazz Studies

  • Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Composition

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)  in Music— Liberal Arts

Freshman music majors should take a minimum of 12 units in Music and fill out their schedules with either English (GE Area A) or Math/Science (GE Area B) for a total of 15 – 16 units


Core Courses (9 units)
Class Name Day & Time Professor Units
MUS 106 Fundamentals of Music Theory TTH 8:00–9:15 AM Wilson, B 3
MUS 109 Intensive Keyboard Lab I MWF 10:00–10:50 AM Thompson, M 2
MUS 160A Musicking 101 (see note 1) TTH 1:00–2:50 PM Kahn, A 4


CHOOSE ONE of the following Repertory Classes based on major instrument or voice (1–2 units)
Class Name Day & Time Professor Units
MUS 151.1 Vocal Repertory W 1:00–2:50 PM Erwin, M J 1
MUS 151.2 Instrumental Repertory W 1:00–2:50 PM Thompson M 1
MUS 425 Composition Seminar F 12:00–1:50 PM Limbert, T 2
MUS 426 Jazz Forum W 1:00–2:50 PM Leibinger, D 1


CHOOSE ONE or TWO of the following based on major instrument or voice 
Students must be enrolled in at least one major ensemble every semester in residence (1-2 units) (see note 2)
Class Name Day & Time Professor Units
MUS 227 Concert Band
Wind, Brass, Percussion majors
No audition
MW 4:00–5:50 PM Collinsworth, A 1
MUS 323 Concert Choir
Vocal majors
Audition required
MF 1:00–2:15 PM Bent, J
MUS 325 Symphonic Chorus 
Vocal majors
Audition required
MW 6:00–7:50 PM Bent, J
MUS 327 Wind Ensemble
Wind, Brass, Percussion majors
Audition required
TTH 4:00–5:50 PM Collinsworth, A
MUS 328 Symphony Orchestra 
String, WW, Brass, Perc. majors
Audition required
MW 4:00–5:50 PM Kahn, A
MUS 329 Chamber Music 
Piano majors
Audition required
F 12:00–1:50 PM Thompson, M
MUS 390 Jazz Orchestra 
Jazz majors
Audition required
W 6:00–8:40 PM Leibinger, D
MUS 391 Concert Jazz 
Jazz majors
Audition required
M 1:00–3:40 PM Carey, I


Private Lessons (1 unit)

CHOOSE ONE private lesson based on your major instrument or voice (every semester in residence).  Have your instructor sign the Private Instruction Registration card (available at the front desk) and submit to Brooke Tester in GMC 2042 for a Permission to Add number.

Visit Current Class Schedule for a list of private lessons sections by instructor.



  1. MUS 160 satisfies GE A3 & C3.  Music Majors must concurrently enroll in MUS 160A.002 Discussion Section TH 1:00 – 2:50 pm.
  2. Register for ensembles now.  Ensemble placement auditions take place during the first week of classes. Woodwind, brass and percussion players should keep M-TH 4:00 – 5:50 open in their schedules.