Junior Recitals

Singer in a yellow outfit on stage with a piano accompanist

The Junior Recital is a requirement specifically for the BM Performance and BM Jazz Studies degree programs.

Recital Request Form

NEW! Students will need to complete this production form for junior and senior recital performances. 23-24 STUDENT RECITAL EVENT FORM


  • The BM Junior Recital comprises approximately 30 minutes of music. The recital should be representative of the repertoire list and academic guidelines set forth by the Private Instructor and Program Director.
  • Students should enroll in MUS 397 Junior Recital.
  • The junior recital may be performed during the Repertory/Forum class or as an afternoon or evening performance. Students should consult with the Private Instructor and Program Director before scheduling the recital.
  • Submit the Recital Request Form by Friday October 27, 2023.
  • Your Private Instructor and Program Director will provide you with information as to how the recital is evaluated. The Junior Recital typically counts as a portion of your private lesson grade in the semester the recital is given.
  • A collaborative pianist will be assigned to you. Yvonne Wormer will assign pianists for vocal recitals. Marilyn Thompson will assign pianists for instrumental recitals.
  • Clear your recital and rehearsal dates well in advance with your collaborative pianist and/or assisting musicians.
  • A Junior Recital program and poster may be required. Consult the guidelines of the Private Instructor and Program Director.
  • Turn in your Recital Request Form to Brooke Tester (email or hard copy)