Senior Music Poster Guidelines

Senior Music Recital Poster Guidelines

The following guidelines will apply to all students presenting a senior recital:

We encourage creativity in designing your posters. Within these guidelines, you're welcome to make a unique and inviting poster.However, the following guidelines must be adhered to. Posters must contain the following information.

  1. Poster must be on letter sized paper 8.5 X 11 or legal sized paper 8.5 X 14. No larger or smaller.
  2. Name of performer and instrument or vocal designation (no smaller than 14 point) and the heading Senior Recital.
  3. Time of recital (no smaller than 14 point). 
  4. Date of recital, including year.
  5. Location of recital.
  6. At the top or bottom of the poster the following words must appear: Sonoma State University, Department of Music

Once complete, bring a copy to the music office for approval BEFORE duplicating and posting.

Where to post in the Green Music Center: Post Only ONE poster per bulletin board. Do not post on walls or glass doors.